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Canteen catering for healthcare and social services

Hygiene and the planning and realisation of building standards
Planning and realisation of rooms with stringent hygiene requirements, such as cleanrooms, kitchens, canteen kitchens, storage and cold storage areas, personnel rooms and personnel routes
Special "targeted planning" for proposed building projects
Project realisation in collaboration with experienced partners from the areas of hygiene, law, technology and engineering
Specific planning, structural implementation, governmental coordination to maintain current standards, certifications, permits
  The European Union hygiene package

Since 2006 many kitchens and canteen kitchens have been required to obtain EU approval if either of the following applies:

More than 1/3 of the products are supplied to other sites
Deliveries are made to locations over 100 km away

We provide advice on the planning and building aspects involved in new licence applications.

We also provide regular quality control building checks to help approved companies to maintain their EU licence.
Is this apple healthy?
We analyse hygienic conditions / building requirements with regard to the good quality of your kitchen produce